‘The Adversary’ at KinoKino

This is my instillation specially commissioned for group show ‘Immerse’ at KinoKino in Stavanger, Norway. Curated by EKCO the show features ; Per Christian Brown, Ori Gersht, Nigel Grimmer, Laurie Innes, Dani Marti, Guillaume Paris, Monika Oechsler, Saskia Olde Wolvers, Stuart Mayes. It is open until September 11th 2016.





Bin Bags Peckham 2015

This was a show I installed at Bin Bags Peckham, an artist run space in (well, I think you can guess). It was testing out ideas for my show at MOCA later in the year. I gave a talk followed by a screening of Lotte Reinerger’s ‘Adventures of Prince Achmed’. In fact the instillation had to come down in order for the film to be shown, we dragged in the audience in to help… was this a punk, D.I.Y attitude? Was it forced labour? Who knows, but it was a great night.

OIl Church

Oil Church 1 Oil Church 3 Oil Church 5 (1) Oil Church 6 Oil Church 7 Oil Church 8 Oil Church 10

This was the instillation that I took to Pete the Monkey festival 2015, it’s called Oil Church. It could have been called ‘Oil Age Fort’. Which name do you like better? Do either of them give you a clue to interpretation? If you saw it by day you would find a structure lit up by sunlight, casting coloured shadows onto the floor and onto the friend standing beside you. The patterns of the structure blending with the trees and leaves beyond.  If you found it at night you would find the space, now lit and glowing under electric light, inhabited by people sat in the circled logs. You might join them and find a way to use the space, or you might carry on into your night.